Waheguru ji. It is a dark age of Kaljug. We do not come under Kaljug if we connect with Waheguru ji and Satguru ji through his Gurbani. Listening, Hearing and singing Gurbani picks us from the abyss of Kaljug and it’s effect.

Let’s move from darkness into light and illumination via Guru’s Bani.

Hear Guru’s Bani from these videos. The best is doing it in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and doing Paathh in the conventional way. However, any times in these times, our circumstances do not permit us to do Bhagtee in the traditional way. In that case, this playlist will be helpful. Keep a diary. Note where you took rest from doing Paathh. Next time start hearing from that point on. The complete Paathh is about 78 hours in the 5 videos below.

Do Paathh from yourself, your family or for World peace! Start today.